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Hosted Session: RENA Semiconductor Solutions - The Art of Wet Processing

Thursday, February 18 | 9:30 am - 10:00 am
Online, Central European Time (CET)

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Rena technologies


RENA has perfected the construction of wet-chemical systems: we are the world’s leading manufacturer of production machines for wet-chemical surface treatment. Our skill lies in enabling ideal process results and the highest throughputs to be achieved, and precisely meeting customer’s expectations. And we succeed, day-in, day-out. Companies in all global markets use our products in the semiconductor, medtech, glass, additive manufacturing and renewable energy sectors. Our standardized machines and machines designed for individual customers with a process guarantee offer convincing long-term performance – also thanks to our fast, globally active service teams.



RENA started 1993 with customized solutions for wet-chemical equipment in the Semiconductor market. A strong focus on engineering excellence and efficient manufacturing of production tools was the basis of success. Building special machines led to a first prototype for a new process technology in solar industry, which was an initial start at RENA of developing wet-processing equipment platforms combined with a strong development of process solutions.
This concept was transferred to the semiconductor field and together with RENA North America (former MEI LLC) a wide range of customized solutions for wafer manufacturing, semiconductor processing and compound materials are established.
The efficient processing like stripping, etching, cleaning and drying is combined in a high-throughput equipment platform. The carrier-less handling allows extremely flexible and efficient handling of diameters up to 300mm and lot sizes up to 50 wafers each. The integration and combination of highly efficient stripping and etching processes like the metal lift-off FluidJet and TruEtch is leading to a perfect processing platform for MEMS and image sensor solutions. The excellent processing performance in the machine can be shown as well as an outstanding final cleaning and drying efficiency.
The combination of equipment and process performance offers a flexible tool to design and manufacture latest state-of-the art semiconductor devices.

Featured Speakers

Bernard Winker

Bernard Winker

Sales Director SEMI | Wafering RENA Technologies GmbH