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Hosted Session: Picosun

Monday, February 15 | 9:00 am - 9:30 am
Online, Central European Time (CET)

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Picosun Group is happy to present PICOSUN® Sprinter, a fast batch ALD system for high volume manufacturing on 300 mm wafers.

The PICOSUN® Sprinter is designed to disrupt batch ALD production on 300 mm manufacturing lines in the semiconductor, display, and IoT component industries. The SEMI S2/S8-certified Sprinter combines the leading single-wafer film quality and uniformity with fast processing, high throughput, and uncompromising reliability. Thanks to the fast process times, Sprinter’s thermal budget is lower than typical vertical furnace reactors commonly used in batch ALD manufacturing. This makes Sprinter ideal also for sensitive substrate materials and devices. Medium batch size combined with very fast processing guarantees production flexibility with reduced risk without sacrificing throughput. In Sprinter, barrier, high-k oxide, and conductive films are deposited with perfect ALD in mass production volumes.


Featured Speakers

Tom Blomberg

Tom Blomberg

Technology Manager / R&D Leader Picosun Group