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Hosted Session: MSIG

Wednesday, February 17 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Online, Central European Time (CET)

Hosted by

SEMI msig


Clearing the Air, Environmental Sensors and their Role on Reducing the Impact of Pollution

MEMS and sensors are at the heart of the top megatrends the entire electronics industry will experience in the next 10 years. These trends will have a big impact on many sectors including environment, industrial automation, autonomous driving, health and wellness. Each of these sectors faces a unique set of challenges that hinder progress and require industry-wide collaboration.

The MEMS & Sensors Industry Group is a leading group who enable this collaboration and information sharing to help ease the adoption of MEMS and sensors one sector at a time.

In this session, we will have an open discussion on topics related to environmental sensors:

  • What gases need to be monitored to improve human well-beings?
  • What are the key performance limitation that prevent mass market adoption?
  • What challenges system integrators face to combine multiple gas sensors into their end solution?


Featured Speakers

 Carmelo Sansone

Carmelo Sansone

Director of MEMS and Sensors Industry Group SEMI
Radislav Potyrailo

Radislav Potyrailo

Principal Scientist General Electric
Sreeni Rao

Sreeni Rao

Senior Director TDK